About Infinity

Getting to know Infinity Entertainment

At Infinity Entertainment we strive to be the preeminent entertainment company in the Central Maryland region.  Our concept is simple “treat each event as if it were our own.”  Our attention to detail is meticulous and precise.  Any artist knows that it’s the details that create the big picture.  Our Event Coordinators and DJs take the time to listen to each one of our clients’ needs and try to address them accordingly.  Infinity Entertainment provides services for weddings, school function, bars and clubs or any special event that would be enhanced by its own custom soundtrack.  From the biggest charity gala to the smallest backyard BBQ we love to entertain and welcome the challenge.

The concept for Infinity Entertainment was conceived after what initially began as a hobby turned into a high demand service.  I have spent many hours in random music stores sifting through stacks and stacks of records and CDs.  It was always an exhilarating feeling to break the cellophane off of that brand new disc and pop it into the first CD player I could find.  I would grab the booklet to read the guest appearances, producers and samples while listening to each track one by one.  There is just something about that feeling that a download will never replace.  I was always the person that wanted that hot new release or that hidden B-Side and I enjoyed sharing that with everyone that I knew.  Witnessing the reaction of someone the first time they hear a song excites me.  My hobby of collecting and enjoying music soon developed into providing music for friends at small events.  Once my reputation grew, I began to receive many referrals and I felt that it was time to take an enjoyable hobby and turn it into a profitable business.

We will never live in a world without music.  Music can set the tone for any event.  Music is the soundtrack to life and a True DJ creates and entertains from what they feel inside.  One of the first DJs that helped me get me my first break told me that anybody can hit play on a song but a True DJ feels it from inside and that rush is something that cannot be replaced.  It can only be satisfied by the energy from a packed dance floor the moment the perfect song is played and you have taken that audience to another level.

I would like to welcome you to Infinity Entertainment.  I appreciate everyone that has supported my effort to make this a reality.  I hope that I get the privilege to share my enthusiasm of music with you and your audience.

Harvey Cornwell