Bars & Nightclubs

Infinity Entertainment has much experience working throughout the Maryland and Delaware area throughout bars and clubs in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Ocean City areas to name a few, at clubs like Acme Bar and Grille, Dead Freddie’s, and The Greene Turtle.

DJ HAR-V loves to keep the energy high, by keeping the crowd engaged through his positive upbeat mixes. He loves to keep things lively and fresh by purposely peppering in unpredictable favorites amongst popular favorites. He also tries to introduce the crowd to fresh beats, weaving new music in through crowd pleasers while at the same time keeping to tempo flowing. He has a talent for crossing genres in a soulful way so the crowd will react.  He also has a unique ability to “think on the fly” adjusting the set play list accordingly, considering individual requests, and the feel of the crowd. He can bounce off the energy of the crowd and is highly talented at creating fresh mixes of popular favorites. You can be assured his mixes are not the usual stale repertoire of songs following in a predictable link.

Infinity Entertainment also can coordinate a light show to further engage and entertain the crowd. You will not be disappointed when hiring Infinity to spin at your club. It will make the difference between people walking by your club, or lining up around the block to get in the door!

Restaurants & Bars

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