Choosing the right wedding music for every special moment

The songs that you choose to play throughout your big day will have a bigger impact on your event than you realize.

Music sets the ambience of your event, enhancing the emotions felt by you and your guests through every phase of the day. Music can enrich the atmosphere at your wedding. For instance, a ceremony held in a beautiful church would be complemented by the songs from a harp, a piano or a string quartet, while an acoustic guitar or steel drum selection would give your guests an island feel for a waterfront venue.

“Many times when I meet with couples, and I start to discuss music with them, they have no idea what they want to hear or they don’t even realize that they get to actually pick the songs to play throughout their wedding day. Some of them just think that the songs are picked for them.  It’s kinda funny because the bride knows exactly what she wants her dress to look like, they can both agree to the kind of flowers and the selection of hors d’oeuvres, but not a clue when it comes to music.  The music may not be seen like the centerpieces, taste like the cake or admired like the picture collage, but it can be heard and, more importantly, it can be felt by each and every guest.” explains Harvey Cornwell of Infinity Entertainment.

The most popular wedding songs have endured because they are timeless and convey the classic style brought to the moment when they are played. Most couples have some very specific wedding songs that they already know they want played at specific times throughout the day.

“I would like to reiterate that all the wedding songs can be chosen by the couple, with the help of a good DJ.  They can create a personal soundtrack to their special day.” remarks Cornwell. “It can be funny, sentimental, classic, or any combination that the couple would like to express themselves. I think that the songs should be chosen by a couple because it means something to them, not because it was the top song the year they got married.”

The right wedding reception songs will clue your guests to specific events throughout the day, such as the grand entrance of the wedding party, when it’s time for cocktails, food, mingling and, of course, when it’s time to dance.

The bride and groom should give consideration to the songs played at the ceremony:


Played as the guests are arriving, prior to the beginning of the actual ceremony. This will set the tone for the ceremony.


Played as the bride and wedding party walks down the aisle. Usually, the bride will have a distinct music selection. A traditional selection would be the “Wedding March” or “Bridal Chorus.”


Unity Candle, special music, and any transition songs used to designate special moments between the couple.


Played as the couple and their wedding party leave the ceremony, and is definitely the beginning of the celebration!


Played while guests leave, after the Recessional, and should keep the mood upbeat.

The couple also needs to plan for certain events during the reception:

Couple’s First Dance

The bride and groom’s first dance, and a central part of this momentous day. This song could tell the story of your relationship. It should reflect your style and can be fun or romantic.

Mother/Son Dance

The groom sharing a special song with mom. This could be considered the “last dance” between a mother and her son, before she is giving him to his beautiful bride.

Father/Daughter Dance

The bride sharing a special song with dad. This is a tender moment between the bride and her dad, and is usually filled with emotions, as she embarks on her new life.

Anniversary Dance

Invite those that are married to join you in a dance to celebrate all marriages.

Cake cutting

Cutting the cake is a fun, sometimes “messy,” tradition, and can be a comical highlight of the day!

Last Dance

Save the best for last…Conclude your perfect day with the perfect last dance song…leaving you and your guests with a lasting impression!

Music inspires and moves us, and choosing appropriate wedding songs will convey the emotion of the moment and the overall message that you want to express. This allows you the opportunity to enhance the experience for everyone. If you are planning your wedding, contact Infinity Entertainment. DJ Harvey Cornwell enjoys consulting with couples to plan the best soundtrack for their special day.

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