Day-Of Event Coordination

stressed brideYou’ve dreamed about this day for as long as you can remember.  And now you’ve found your perfect man.  You have the dress, the cake, the flowers, the DJ, the venue, all just as you imagined.  You’ve planned every detail so that your dream can become a reality.

This is your special day and you should relax and enjoy it and not stress about what might or might not go wrong, because we all know that with any perfect plan, this unfortunately can happen.

To not have to worry about these things, many brides are opting for a ‘Day-Of’ Wedding Coordinator so that when the big day arrives, they have a professional who can ensure that the day runs smoothly.  Someone who can handle that last minute “crisis” and coordinate any changes, while they relax and have their hair, nails and make-up done and not be running around making sure the cake has arrived and the venue has used the correct color napkins.

Prior to your wedding, our Day-Of Coordinator will create your timeline/ schedule of events and then confirm the details with your vendors and wedding location.  They will know your dream, and be there to implement it for you.

On the wedding day, they will work with your hairstylist, makeup artist, florist, bakery, caterer, photographer and DJ to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time.

 Let us help you make your dream and hard work a reality!

Tasks our Day-Of Coordinator can handle for you.

At your first meeting with your Day-Of Coordinator you’ll discuss which of these you’ll need on your wedding day, and then a detailed plan and quote will be customized for you.

Three Weeks Prior to the Wedding Day

  • Meet with Bride and Groom to prepare the wedding day timeline
  • Go over the arrangements you have already made with vendors and get a list and contact information for all vendors
  • Couple to introduce their Day-Of Coordinator to all vendors via email
  • Initiate contact with vendors and send them personal contact info and wedding day timeline

Please note:  A Day-Of Coordinator will not renegotiate any terms in contracts with vendors.

One Week Prior to the Wedding Day

  • Confirm final details with vendors and finalized timeline (if any changes have occurred) e.g. playlists with DJ, must-have list with photographer, etc.
  • Make sure all vendors have directions and delivery information for the venue/s (ceremony & reception)


  • Work with the wedding officiant to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional.  Relay any pertinent information to DJ
  • Alert all in the wedding party of where they need to be and at what time on the day of the wedding

Wedding Day

  • Facilitate the on time arrival of hair and make-up stylists.  Be their point person on where to set up and make introductions.  Coordinate schedule with bridal party and stylists to ensure that hair and make-up is completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure that flowers are delivered on time to the bride and groom as well as the ceremony and reception venues
  • Communicate with best man to make sure groom is getting dressed (and calm ☺)
  • Be on point when the photographer arrives.  Coordinate the timing of pre-wedding photos with the bride and groom’s parties, and if there are “first look” photos
  • Keep track of time to ensure a timely departure to the ceremony
  • Ensure that transportation arrives on time and instruct wedding party when it’s time to depart.  Notify ceremony officiant when bridal party is on their way
  • Be available to handle any last minute details and requests

Prior to Ceremony and Reception

  • Greet vendors and instruct them where to set up
  • Make sure that the venue is set up as desired
  • Confirm food timeline with catering staff
  • Set up guest book/pen, cake cutting knife, table numbers, menu etc.


  • Ensure that everything is set up as the bride and groom wanted
  • Check to see if the DJ/musicians or officiant needs anything
  • Alerts ushers/groomsmen when to begin escorting guests to their seats
  • Coordinate “signals” with officiant and musicians/DJ to indicate start of ceremony
  • Communicate with bride and groom so that they know how much times remains before the start of the ceremony
  • Cue groom and his party when to enter
  • Line up the bridal party for their entrance
  • Cue musicians/DJ when bridal party is ready to begin processional
  • Cue music for remainder of the ceremony and recessional

Cocktail Hour

  • Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour food and drinks
  • Keep an eye on the time and let photographer know how much time is remaining until bridal party needs to return to guests


  • Line up bridal party when bride and groom ready to enter reception
  • Cue musicians/DJ when bridal party is ready to enter
  • Cue DJ, photographer, videographer when “moments” are going to take place at the reception (first dance, cake cutting, toasts, parent dances, etc.)
  • Keep a general eye on reception guests to ensure that they have everything they need
  • Coordinate song requests with DJ.
  • Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors (if needed) at the end of the evening