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Harvey Cornwell has been a DJ for many years, working through primarily word of mouth and referrals. Harvey’s business really took off and he began offering a wide variety of other services so in 2008, he created Infinity Entertainment. Since that time, he worked a variety of events ranging from night clubs to school functions, from charity events to weddings and anniversaries.

Infinity Entertainment has library consisting of over twenty thousand songs for endless hours of music from every genre. DJ HAR-V has a talent for blending all genres to create an upbeat, energetic uninterrupted flow of fresh rhythm and beat creating the perfect soundtrack to your event. He has the unique ability to “think on the fly” creating and altering the sound to fit the crowd and vibe of the event.

DJ HAR-V prides himself in his ability to appeal to a diverse crowd, considering everyone who is present in the decision of what to play next when constructing a set list. While catering to your event, he aims to please, but will never play the same list twice!

“When playing to a vast audience it is imperative to keep everyone engaged. I like to play current crowd favorites while peppering in some older or unexpected tunes to thrill, surprise and awe the audience,” remarks DJ HAR-V. “I have a great ear for tempo and beat, and always keep the vibe positive, always feeding off the good energy of the crowd.”

Harvey is not the “typical” DJ. He has a unique ability at reviving great times and creating new memories.  He loves requests and certainly enjoys catering to the crowd.

If you are seeking a truly unique experience and a memorable event, call Infinity Entertainment for your next occasion. Harvey’s extraordinary ability to cross over many genres and decades, as well as his command of the moment, and amazing capacity for  managing your event will ensure that everything proceeds in a fun, memorable, efficient and timely manner.

You can place your trust in Infinity Entertainment to manage your most special events, and be satisfied knowing that both you and all your guests will me sharing fond memories for years to come.