Fun Food and Drink Bars

Wedding receptions are a time for excitement and celebration!

It is a time for couples to share with all of their family and friends the merriment of their love for one another.  For the most part, wedding receptions tend to come off in a traditional manner; food service is conducted with either buffet style or plated dinner service.  Once in a while, though, something different is planned for the reception.  A recent fad that is becoming a trend at receptions is the specialty bar.  The specialty bar can be either a food, dessert or drink, and has given couples the opportunity to add creativity and personal touches to their reception.

specialty cocktailsSpecialty Cocktails

Drink bars are common sights at many wedding receptions. Wine and beer are the most common offerings; however, one step further is hiring a professional bartender to prepare your guests’ favorite libation.  Some ideas to make your drink offerings unique are to offer specialty cocktails.  These could be a featured martini or cocktail that is a favorite of the bride and groom or a traditional family concoction.  Some offerings can be unique like a Margarita bar, Bloody Mary bar, Mojito bar, Daiquiri bar or even a Crush bar.  There are many different possibilities to add a touch of fun to your reception.

The food bar gives couples the versatility to add different styles of dishes to their reception that they may have not considered before.  Food bars can also provide wonderful fresh food options in a casual atmosphere.  Guests can have items made to order and casually dine as they please.

seafood bar

photo: caterers warehouse

Seafood bar

A seafood bar can come with many different options which can include, but not be limited to, clams, oysters, shrimp, crawfish, smoked salmon and a variety of sauces to spice up these tidbits.  Often, the seafood station becomes one of the most popular gathering sites as people line up for one of the most delicious opportunities in the reception hall.

BBQ station

photo: DIY network

barbecue bar

Another hit for the reception can be a barbeque bar.  Pulled pork sandwiches, barbequed chicken or barbequed beef brisket should give your guests plenty of choices, particularly when combined with some of the other themed bars.

baked potato

photo: celebrations at home blog

baked potato bar

A perfect complementary option is a baked potato bar.  All the various toppings that can be added are a hit with many wedding attendees.  The number of toppings that can be added – cheeses, sour cream, green chili, bacon, butter, spring onions – is sure to give your guests the variety they want for an exceptional potato.

spanish tapas station


Spanish tapas

One very popular dish that is being seen more and more is Spanish tapas – basically, flavorful appetizers that come in a wide variety of forms.  They can be made with meats, veggies, seafood, or just about anything imagined.  Complementary sauces are a great addition at the tapa bar.

pasta station

photo: the pickiest eater

Pasta bars

Pasta bars also offer an opportunity for a wide variety of dishes to be concocted using different forms of pasta, as well as common or unique sauces.  Many different ingredients can be added like seafood, poultry, sausage, and fresh vegetables to create a palate-pleasing dish for a variety of your guests and have them asking the chef for the recipe!

dessert barDessert bars

Towards the end of the reception, the always popular dessert bar comes to the forefront of the guest’s attention, assuming they aren’t completely stuffed by then!

The availability of desserts is only limited by one’s imagination.

Wedding cake, of course, but ice cream too?  Ice cream cones, ice cream truck – why not?  Cotton candy, chocolate fountain, make your own s’mores or even a candy making station!

Besides the music and ritual involved with weddings, food and drink boosts everyone’s sense of celebration and joy.  If you want to add your own personal touch to your wedding and make it memorable for all of your guests, try the variety associated with food/drink stations and tickle everyone’s palate!

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