Planning Your Homecoming Dance

A High School Homecoming is a most exciting time of year for students, administrators and alumni. It is that time of year where everyone joins forces to collaborate on choosing the right theme and activities to best showcase your school spirit. Every year, the goal may be to create something distinctive from previous years, generate new memories, and embrace what your school stands for.

While your objective is to be unique, it is important to recall previous years and analyze what plans were successful, and what was an epic failure.

The hope is that you create a central file containing this information that has been passed through the years to create an easy reference.

If you do not have this “Holy File” of past Homecoming celebration planning, it is never too late to start. This can be started now, as “legacy” for future planning. Your file can be electronic, or a sort of scrapbook, containing items from brainstorming sessions, previous purveyors and entertainers for easy reference, and even contact information from past organizers who may be willing to lend their “expertise.”

The ideal Homecoming Committee will be comprised of students and an administrator, or two, who will hopefully get along and be open to sharing their ideas.

This coordination is priceless in creating a fun, memorable, appropriate celebration. The administrator obviously will be in charge of budgeting, and will work as liaison between the student committee and other school officials, while the students can lend a fresh perspective to the Homecoming theme. These ideas should weave together, creating a perfect Homecoming motif.

The first order of business will be to consider what type of celebrations your school will participate in, and your Homecoming theme.

Most schools have a “Spirit Week,” chock full of daily activities, capped off with a dance celebration, possibly a bonfire, and a football game. Once this is figured out, the planning can begin. Usually, the Homecoming Dance and football game are the two activities most students look forward to.

Budgeting and preparing for the Homecoming Dance includes choosing the right entertainment.

Most organizers chose to hire a DJ. The best DJ must be a combination of entertainer and Master of Ceremonies. It is really important to explore your options and interview each possible candidate. Employing a great entertainer means you will not have to worry about appropriate music choices, and you can trust he or she will ensure your carefully planned night is executed with professional spunk.

There is a lot of planning and preparation involved in making a memorable event that students will talk about and reminisce for years to come. Hiring a qualified entertainer like DJ HAR-V of Infinity Entertainment can ensure that everyone will have an amazing time, and take some of the pressure off the school administration to make certain that its students are entertained in a safe, secure manner.

For more information, please contact Infinity Entertainment. We have many years of experience in assisting schools in coordinating amazing Homecoming celebrations. Allow us to lend a hand in your planning to create a memorable occasion that students, administrators, and alumni will reminisce about for years to come!

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