Tech Apps for Planning Your Wedding

Ah, the wedding!  Truly one of life’s momentous events!

Perhaps one of life’s most expensive events, too!  However, when you make a list of what you can spend your money on, wouldn’t a well-planned, well-executed wedding be towards the top?  Weddings usually are an important project that needs to be well-planned, budgeted for, have some alternatives (what if it rains on our outdoor wedding?) and scheduled so everything comes off reasonably, if not fabulously, well.

Would you believe you can do almost anything to do with wedding planning from your Smartphone?

With all the apps out there, you don’t even have to be particularly tech-savvy to take advantage of virtual services to ensure that your wedding is a wild success!  Here are some of the apps that Infinity Entertainment has come across that are sure to help take the stress out of the path to that big day!

Wedding Planning App

One of the most attractive and useful wedding apps we found is Wedding Planner PRO available from Sockii Pty Ltd., $17.99 for Windows, IOS and Android.  This app pretty much has everything you need to track tasks, set and track a budget, keep a list of guests and set automatic reminders so you don’t forget important milestones.  You can also keep a record and photos of vendors you’ve engaged for later reference as you finalize your wedding plans.  This app will even let you develop a venue seating chart and assign seats to all of your guests, including those at the bride and groom’s table!

Bridal Registry

Pretty much every major department store in the country has an online bridal registry.  If you have a favorite store in mind, all you have to do is go to its website, register, and start on your wish list.  However, we ran across an app that’s a bit more versatile and can give you and your invitees more flexibility in purchasing wedding gifts.  WeddingScan for IPhone allows you to scan the barcode of a product and register it with any store that carries that product!  So, if you see something you really like at Macy’s, you scan the barcode (or take a picture!) and it goes into your universal bridal registry.  Then, through the registry’s website, a guest can go to and purchase the item from one of the stores you visited, or at an Amazon partner that carries it.  This is very similar to the Amazon “Wishlist” function, except you can instantly record the item on your personal registery and it will be made available to your guests.

Wedding Vendors

Unless your bridesmaids come together and volunteer to host and arrange for everything to do with your wedding, you are likely going to have to hire one or more people to actually do the work so you don’t have to worry about it.  Yes, you can hire a professional wedding planner and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, just like it’s often cheaper to act as your own general contractor in building a house and arrange for all the subcontractors, you might find that direct arrangements with reputable vendors can cut your expenses.  One app you should investigate is WebTeam by WeddingWire for IOS and Android devices. This free app claims to have 1.5 million vendors listed, which can be searched for by location and category.  This is the evolved version of the Yellow Pages where you can let your fingers do the walking on a SmartPhone instead of a 10-lb. telephone directory.

The Honeymoon

Okay, this is post-wedding and there are thousands of travel agencies and online resources trying to sell you a honeymoon trip.  Your biggest problem will be finding something that you both would like to do and is within your budget.  Since some of the best apps are free, try downloading Turquoise Holidays Honeymoon Guide for IOS.  This guide will give you ideas for a honeymoon in 32 countries around the world, as well as a ton of reminders about what to think about when you’re planning the big trip.  Of course, we’re sure there are honeymoon vendors that are paying to have their destinations promoted on this guide, but you can’t get away from that.  So, if you need somewhere to start, why not start with the Turquoise Holidays Guide and see where it leads you!

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