Tips for Hiring a DJ for Your School Dance

An experienced school DJ has the songs students want, with the content faculty will accept.

School faculty really dislikes inappropriate teenage music and dancing, and a DJ needs to be able to control this sort of behavior. Your DJ should be able to scan and read the room, adjusting to the vibe of the moment, if necessary.

“To combat that, I use the peak and valley tempo, which is to work up to a fast song, then immediately follow it with a slow song to change the energy of the room. Also, if I see a group of students getting too excited and ‘slam dancing’ with each other, I will do the same thing by changing the tempo.” remarks Harvey Cornwell, owner and operator of Infinity Entertainment, located in Central Maryland. “The kids want to hear their music, not their parents, but the school administration does not want to have to field phone calls from parents the next day about the negative things that happened at a school event.”

DJ HAR-V goes on to explain that, ultimately, the kids just want to have fun and they want to hear the music that they like. A good school DJ is able to create a fun atmosphere by honoring the kids’ appropriate requests, and also being nice enough to explain to them when a request is not appropriate and help to suggest songs that are. A qualified DJ is able to equally balance student fun with the administration’s conduct and safety regulations.

When hiring the entertainment for your event, there are some points to consider:


Some recommend that you reserve 10% of your event budget on the entertainment. Remember that you get what you pay for, and an experienced DJ is more than just turning on a good music mix. He is often times considered the MC for the evening, and is ultimately in charge of setting the mood or the vibe.


Different age groups demand different attention. Your entertainer must know how to cater to the appropriate audience on the dance floor.


DJs have space and electric requirements. Is your event outdoors? Are there an appropriate number of electrical outlets with sufficient capacity so as to not blow the circuit breakers? Does your space allow for extras like video monitors and lighting equipment? These are all concerns you and your DJ will have to discuss and work out.

Method of Operation (M.O.)

It is important to make sure that your DJ is personable. Kids love to make requests for their favorite songs. Does the DJ take requests through Facebook, texting, or Twitter? Is he approachable? You can also ask the DJ how he intends to captivate and motivate the audience to keep the fun going in a safe and successful way all night long.

There is a lot of planning and preparation involved in making a memorable event that students will talk about and reminisce for years to come. Hiring a qualified entertainer like DJ HAR-V of Infinity Entertainment can ensure that everyone will have an amazing time, and take some of the pressure off the school administration to make certain that their students are amused in a safe, secure manner.

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