Why hire a DJ for your wedding?

During the Holiday Season, many men decided to “pop the question.” This is a thrilling and exciting time, perfect to begin planning for your special day. There is plenty on your list to research and book. None is more important than hiring the best entertainment possible.

“Couples should pay special attention to whom they hire for entertainment.” DJ HAR-V of Infinity Entertainment, in the Central Maryland area, stresses. “This sets the tone for the entire night, and can make the difference between a memorable or humdrum event. Your guests are more likely to remember the good time they had dancing and laughing, not necessary the color of your centerpieces.”

What is the difference between hiring a DJ or a band? It’s all just music, right? Not exactly.

What is your entertainer’s role?

It is imperative to determine the purpose of your entertainment. A DJ will work closely with your wedding coordinator to ensure your event goes smoothly. He is essentially the “MC” of the night, directing you through the schedule seamlessly. A great DJ will lead you along in such a fun way that you will not even realize it…the occasion will flow naturally. A band usually needs to focus on playing and performing and is often unavailable for coordinating. They also may be unapproachable should any immediate scheduling changes suddenly occur.

How are you planning your set-up?

If you hire a good DJ, this will not be an issue. A well-organized and properly equipped DJ can assess the situation and venue upon arrival and address the unique needs and requests pertaining to the event, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.  A DJ needs less space than most bands which can help the wedding coordinator with arrangements for your occasion.

What sort of stage presence are you seeking?

A band offers stage presence that commands attention. If you are a couple that is seeking to “put on a show,” then a band is for you. People usually go out to “see” a band. DJs tend to be less intrusive, creating more of a party atmosphere. DJ HAR-V comments, “Let’s be real. Who is this day about?  It’s the couple’s special day! The bride and her new husband are the center of attention.  When a band performs, most of the people will direct their attention to them while they are performing.  Would you like everyone to be focusing their attention on a random band or you?”

What kind of music variety are you interested in?

A DJ usually has thousands of songs available in his music library.  He can offer a nearly limitless variety ranging from big band to disco or current pop hits. Guests can make requests from any genre, adding energy to the night. A band is usually limited to what songs they know how to play. They may not have the musical range to cater to the diversity of guests at your event.

How much do you want to spend?

A reputable band can cost a couple into tens of thousands of dollars, while a great DJ can usually be hired for under $2000. This can certainly help a couple’s budget, reserving funds for other aspects of the wedding, or even the honeymoon!

Finally, DJ HAR-V remarks,

“The quality of your entertainment will be remembered much longer than the flowers, the hors d’oeuvres or even the cake. A couple should invest the time and effort into researching and hiring the best choice for their wedding.”

If you are seeking a truly unique experience and a memorable event, call Infinity Entertainment for your next occasion. DJ HAR-V has the extraordinary ability to cross over many genres and decades, as well as command of the moment. He has an amazing capacity for managing your event and will ensure that everything proceeds in a fun, memorable, efficient and timely manner.

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